Darrell Taylor Jr.

Hometown: Hopewell, Virgina

Power: 🏈

Slogan: You Got Sacked

Insta: @52deals.dt

LAUNCH: 9/10/2023


Tyrell Henry

Hometown: Roseville, MI

Power: 🏈

Slogan: It's ShowTYme

Insta: @TyrellHenry

Tiktok: @KingTy

LAUNCH: 9/5/2023


Yahya Bashir

Hometown: Minneapolis

Power: ⚽️

Slogan: Alhamdullilah

Insta: @yahyabashir49

Tiktok: @yahyabashir49

LAUNCH: 7/28/2023


Katriina Wright

Hometown: San Diego

Power: 400 meters /60 meters

MOTTO: Who said the sky was the limit?

Insta: @katriinawright

(limited quantities)


Lathan Sommerville

Hometown: Peoria

Power: 🏀

MOTTO: Nothing great comes easy

Insta: @iamlathansommerville


All Holostars athletes receive 50% of the profits from their own custom premium merch line.

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Athletes shouldn’t have to fall in line, with someone else controlling what their brand stands for.

Holostars democratizes the ability for athletes to create their own individualized brands for merchandizing.


To be a successful brand in 2023, strategic social media marketing has never been more important for a successful brand.

Holostars helps athletes from across the globe market to target audiences, facilitating the growth of their customized brands.


Athlete-to-Artist custom designs are merchandised in fun and creative ways!

Holostars provides athletes a fun experience in creating an authentic brand and then merchandising that design! Holostars aims to get money in athlete pockets in this new, exciting era of Athlete NIL Monetization.